Frequently Asked Questions

Q?What type of central vacuum system will I need?

The type of product and surface to be cleaned will determine if a wet or dry system best suits your needs. A wet system is suited to floor cleaning in office buildings and hospitals. A dry system is suited to cleaning up product that needs to be collected dry like flour and sand. With JBW Technologies’ experience and knowledge, we can determine the industrial wet and dry vacuum solution for your facility.

Q?What size system will I need?

The size of area, amount of debris and number of simultaneous operators will determine size of system you require. The team at JBW Technologies will guide you with the scope and scale of the system that is best for you.

Q?What are the benefits of a central vacuum cleaning system?

There are many good reasons to incorporate commercial central vacuum systems.

  • Achieve higher indoor air quality due to all exhausted air discharging externally, not in the existing space via a filter.
  • Reduce OH&S hazards by removing waste on floors quickly and easily.
  • Gain superior operator ergonomics — no electricity cords, heavy portable machines or noise.
  • Better environmental solutions through the collection of vacuumed product for recycling or disposal in bulk.
Q?Are the systems easy to use?

Yes! Cleaning operators love the fact that our hoses and tools are lightweight and quieter than they imagined. In fact, the in-built systems are almost silent. Having lighter cleaning tools translates into reduced occupational health and safety concerns.

Q?How is your industrial vacuum system different than other types, such as portable vacuums?

Clients who are building owners love our systems because their cleaning staff can cover twice the floor area in half the time of portable machines. That’s a significant cost savings in labor, particularly in large commercial premises.

Q?What is your service area?

We serve clients throughout Australia. On-site meetings are scheduled as part of our design and installation process. Call us today to get started.