Industrial Gas Systems

JBW Technologies provides Gas Reticulation systems in specialized areas, including medical, laboratory and industrial gas systems, for commercial and industrial buildings throughout Australia. We design systems to meet the requirements of current national standards as well as requirements specified by the client. We can also monitor performance of these systems to ensure they are operating at the most efficient levels.

A reticulated gas system essentially involves a piped network in a facility that supplies gas directly to the areas of a facility that need it. Instead of utilizing an individual pipe line, a single line from a centralized gas bank supplies gas facility-wide, improving the appearance of the building and reducing the need for extras space taken up more additional equipment.

The advantages provided by these systems are numerous, including a continual supply of liquid petroleum gas even when the active bank is depleted. The transfer from the standby bank can be set up for automatic flow or handled manually. Besides uninterrupted gas supply, advantages include space saving due to no cylinder necessary, no waiting for refills, and increased safety due to lower pressure in the pipeline.

Installation of these systems is a highly specialized area and comes with many important safety guidelines. Fencing of areas to restrict unauthorized entry is essential. Good ventilation of the gas bank is also important. An emergency valve at different points of the facility is also strongly recommended. Other safety measures include:

  • Avoid wiring for lighting inside the Gas Bank
  • Under Pressure Shut off Valves to ensure satisfactory burning characteristics.
  • Ensure to install Non-Return Valves (NRV) for cylinder to avoid back flow.
  • Ensure-Bottom Portion of the Room Ventilation with Brass Mesh Only
  • Safety signage, such as “No Smoking”, “High Flammable-LPG”, “Switch off Mobile”, should be placed adjacent to cylinder bank.

JBW Technologies offers total project management for clients interested in laboratory, medical and industrial gas services. As-built drawings can be provided, along with detailed and comprehensive operating manuals, for the installed plant. Project monitoring by the JBW team allows for Quality Assurance and conformance to all the necessary standards.


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