JBW Technologies Australia is the most reliable and experienced contractor when it comes to commercial central vacuum systems.

You’ll find the professional team at JBW to be responsive to your needs when it comes to the design and installation of wet central vacuum systems, dry central vacuum systems and commercial ducted vacuum systems. In addition, call on JBW for Sydney medical gases, laboratory gas, and industrial gas. No matter where your company is located in the greater Sydney area, JBW is uniquely situated to deliver a world-class solution.

Sydney wet systems that we install use water as a dampening effect, which dramatically reduces the exposure to maintenance staff of airborne particles. The systems are very efficient in vacuuming water in emergencies, or squeegee water from newly washed floors. The wet disposal central vacuum cleaning system is ideal for large commercial buildings and hospitals, whether they’re in Newcastle, Wollongong, or anywhere in between.

When it comes to Sydney dry central vacuum systems, JBW can show you their effectiveness. These feature a woven cloth or paper filter medium with catchment bin or bag. These systems are best used where waste products may be adversely affected by water and must remain dry, such as where waste is either re-used or accounted for before disposal.