Wet and Dry Industrial Vacuum Systems

A central industrial wet and dry vacuum system is designed for facilities where removing liquid and debris simultaneously is necessary when cleaning. These systems also can be used to remove water caused by flooding. Wastewater is removed automatically via the building’s sewer system.

JBW Technologies designs and installs these industrial vacuum systems for virtually any type of commercial or industrial facility in Australia. As part of the process to ensure our clients are absolutely satisfied, we carefully evaluate the needs of a facility to determine which type of system is most appropriate. If a wet/dry central vacuum system is deemed ideal for the facility, we can design, install and help maintain the system to operate at its optimum level.

As a problem solver in the workplace, the central industrial wet and dry vacuum system cleans both dry and liquid substances, and then drains automatically, sending all dirt and water into your facility’s sewage drain. All you need to do is plug the hose into your inlets and start cleaning. When you’re done, put the hose away.

Once design and installation by JBW Technologies is complete, your wet/dry central vacuum will capture all intended substances, including dirt, dust, germs and mites. Then, it self-flushes directly into your commercial property’s sewer, eliminating the risk of allergies and other diseases to the respiratory system.

These systems are designed for easy use, convenient storage and simple maintenance. Collecting dry debris, such as dirt, sand, hair and allergens, can be done at the same time as collecting wet matter and even cleaning wet spills, clogged sinks and shampoo carpets. As an added health measure, by removing allergens and lung-damaging particles, they create a safer environment for employees.

Wet/dry central industrial vacuum systems can save owner/operators time and money related to maintenance and cleaning of a facility, with no post-cleaning maintenance necessary and no bags or filters to buy and replace. They can reduce the need for storage of other cleaning tools and supplies that are not as efficient. They also operate quietly, avoiding the disruption of workers and workflow at your facility.

Consult JBW Technologies today to determine which wet/dry central vacuum system will match your facility’s needs.