Wet Central Vacuum Systems

A wet central vacuum system is designed for facilities where removing liquid and debris simultaneously is necessary when cleaning. These systems also can be used to remove water caused by flooding. Wastewater is removed automatically via the building’s sewer system.

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Bendigo Bank

Bendigo, Victoria

The Brief
For the new, modern headquarters of Bendigo Bank, a special group of “Green” designers were assembled, to incorporate the very latest in energy savings and environmental features into the structure. An inbuilt Central Vacuuming System was considered an absolute necessity with its positive effects on the building, and most of all on the building occupants and users.

The Installation
JBW Technologies Australia installed the Central Vacuum Cleaning System, which comprises a fully automatic central plant located in the basement car park and a common rising main with branches at each floor, leading to smaller pipework installed throughout beneath the raised computer flooring. Metal flush-mounted floor inlets in the floor tiles complete the installation. A constant pressure/constant volume bleed valve automatically adjusts via a sensor to maintain system performance once a “set point” is entered. A switchboard manufactured by JBW Technologies Australia features all control functions.

Equipment Selected
The system is a “wet disposal” type in which all vacuumed material is mixed with clean fresh water before automatically “dumping” to sewer via a strainer basket, when the plant shuts down. The system also has the ability to vacuum water in emergencies, such as when a sprinkler activates or basins overflow. There is no handling of dry dusty waste by building operators. All that remains is a very small amount of damp residual material, thus any OH&S issues are greatly reduced. Dual side channel vacuum blowers of the gas ring type mounted in parallel in the plant room provide vacuum. The system is started automatically via DDC. The system is designed to be used by 7 to 8 operators simultaneously. Good commercial quality lightweight flexible hoses and floor tools are provided.